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StFX Schwartz School of Business students win big at JDC Central competition

Schwartz School JDCC marketing team, students Reed Wigglesworth, Mairi Liska, and Matt McGlashan


A delegation of students from StFX’s Gerald Schwartz School of Business certainly made their mark at the JDC Central (JDCC) competition held Jan. 4-7, 2019 at Guelph University, coming away from the event with a first and second place finish.


StFX took a delegation of 47 students to Guelph to compete in a variety of events at JDCC, the largest undergraduate business school competition in central Canada, which brings over 700 student delegates together from Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes, including in academic case presentations in eight different business streams, debate, social, and sports. Delegates from 11 universities participated, with StFX the only university from the east coast. 


StFX’s Schwartz School marketing team of fourth year business students Matt McGlashan, Reed Wigglesworth, and Mairi Liska placed first in the case competition for their academic stream. 


StFX’s sports team also placed second overall for their performance in dodgeball. 


“Our marketing team’s performance was stellar,” says Schwartz School professor and faculty advisor Prof. Rhonda McIver.


“The three students representing StFX prepared an in-depth analysis of the case content, provided excellent recommendations, and their responses to the questions from the judges were incredibly insightful and articulate. When the team was presented with the first place award for their performance, the judge presenting the award emphasized that she was “incredibly pleased to award this team first place” and that is was “with honour that she presented the StFX team with their award.”  


Prof. McIver says each team is put into isolation as early as 5 a.m. and up to the first presentation time of 8 a.m. Once presentations begin, all teams must be in isolation. The academic team is given a marketing case three hours prior to their presentation time. The team has exactly three hours to review, analyze and make a solid recommendation on the case material, as well as prepare a power point presentation to present to the judges.  


Typically, there are four judges for each stream, comprised of industry professionals, often including a representative or stakeholder tied to the business being analyzed in the case. 


The students say the competition was a great experience, and they were thrilled with the win.  


Ms. Liska, an advanced marketing major from Stittsville, ON says winning first place was a moment of shock, pride and bit of disbelief that took her breath away. "As participants of one of the largest case competitions in Canada, we had no idea how we would perform in comparison to other competing schools, as well as be perceived by the judging panel. What we did know, is that as a team, Matt, Reed and I had a connection that allowed us to play to each of our strengths, work together effectively and have fun along the way," she says.


"I cannot thank enough our team captains Rachel Dickey and Kyle Cadman, our faculty coaches and the entire JDCC Schwartz delegation, for their endless support this year," she says.


"Winning JDCC this year means the world to me, as this achievement transcends far deeper than a trophy for myself, Matt and Reed. It was a victory for the entire Schwartz delegation competing at JDCC. To hear our fellow teammates say that they felt like they had won when watching us cross the stage to receive our award sparks a feeling of immense joy that is difficult to describe. It was a privilege to represent The Schwartz School of Business and it is my hope that this win instills momentum and drive for continued success for JDCC Schwartz in the years to come."


“I have probably said it so many times that my teammates are tired of hearing it, but I feel so lucky that all of us were put on this team together, we worked together so well, and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off our last term here at X,” says Mr. McGlashan, a fourth year student from Kingston, ON, who first attended JDCC as a first year student. 


Just getting to compete at JDCC is a thrill, he says, and one he highly recommends to any incoming StFX business student. “It is so incredibly fun and valuable.”


Ms. Wigglesworth, a fourth year student from Ottawa, ON, says she and her teammates have a lot of fun working on the cases together—including at the JDCC competition.


“The whole StFX delegation has become a great group of supporting friends, and I have learned a lot from the cases. I am really happy I decided to try out and although it is a lot of work, it definitely paid off.” 


Prof. McIver says she was very proud too of StFX’s sports team who she says displayed much enthusiasm and sportsmanship en route to their second place finish. The team was comprised of Riley Milford, Cameron Fritz, Dylan Thring, Patrick Wallace, Joseph Hunter, Grace Knowles, Maya Hockley, and Bryanna Meggs.



“I am certain that Mr. Schwartz would have been incredibly proud of all 47 delegates representing the Gerald Schwartz School of Business in the JDCC competition last weekend. Although we did not place in all categories, every delegate put their best effort into every event,” she says. 


“The students were pushed to their limits – exhausted – yet the StFX spirit shone through. They are always the most respectful, collegial, and spirited group at every event in which they participate. I am honoured to have been able to participate with these students as their faculty advisor.”  


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