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Student Support

The Support to Succeed

Numerous educational, health and wellness, and career supports and learning opportunities exist for Business students, including a Knowledge-Keeper in Residence, The Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning, Health and Counselling Centre, Student Success Centre, and StFX Career Centre, and much more.


Knowledge-Keeper in Residence

Mr. Kerry Prosper, a respected Mi’kmaw elder, published author and Band Council member from Paqtnkek First Nation is the Knowledge Keeper in Residence. In his role as Knowledge Keeper, Mr. Prosper works with students, staff and faculty, offering wisdom and teaching about traditional Indigenous ways of being and knowing. He maintains office hours on campus throughout the year and leads various program opportunities featuring Indigenous-centric content.

Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning

Students with documented permanent disabilities work with staff to become self-advocates who direct and manage their post-secondary studies.  Staff work with students on program planning, study skills and time management, help find qualified tutors and notetakers, set up exam accommodations, find alternative formats for course materials, and provide advice and training on assistive technologies.


Health and Counselling Centre

At StFX, our campus has everything needed to support your spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical health. It’s part of how we help you thrive. The Health and Counselling Centre uses an holistic approach to focus on the well-being of StFX students. Team members include general practitioners, nurses, and counsellors.

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre (SSC) is a collection of academic resources, a place for StFX students to find free academic skills instruction/coaching, help on assignments, English language help, and a place to connect with subject tutors.  It is also a place to study with help nearby.

StFX Athletics & Recreation

StFX students lead active lives. Whether you are seeking organized intramural sports and activities or individual plans for fitness and recreation, StFX has something for you! We believe a healthy, active lifestyle prepares you for the rigours of academic study and sets you up for success.

StFX Student Career Centre

The StFX Student Career Centre coaches students in the career management process which may include developing effective job search strategies, networking, answering the question what you can do with your degree, and in their pursuit of further education opportunities.


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