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Contact Info
Chelsea Whidden, ’16
Currently working at IBM Canada Ltd. as part of the Human Resources team

Hometown: Bedford, NS

Year of StFX graduation and name of degree: 2016, BBA, Leadership in Management

Could you describe in a line or two, the impact/influence StFX and the Gerald Schwartz School of Business have had on you?

The Gerald Schwartz School of Business and StFX at large have contributed to preparing me to enter the workforce by offering courses that provided countless opportunities to collaborate with peers in a team-based setting to achieve a common objective. In my third year, as part of my Organizational Analysis class instructed by Opal Leung, we had a unique opportunity to work with a group within our class and our extended team at a university in Europe. We were tasked to work remotely with our team to deliver our project as a team of ~10, managing times zones and group meetings online.

Why would you encourage other students to consider a Schwartz School education?

Small class sizes provide a unique experience to have your professors know you on a first name basis and professors are willing to meet with you during office hours to assist with course materials you may need additional explanation/ help with.

Favorite class or favorite academic experience?

Leading Change. My professor was Mark MacIsaac. This was a fourth-year class and near the end of the semester we went to Halifax as a class for a corporate tour. We had an opportunity to meet with four organizations to discuss change in an organizational setting. As well, the Consulting Project for Majors project was both challenging and rewarding. This class was so memorable because the guidelines of the project were relaxed, which provided opportunity to make decisions and really lead our deliverable. We had the opportunity to collect and analyze data, through analyzing the data we had to make strategic recommendations with evidence to support.

Any advice you’d give current students?

Enroll in the co-op program! In hindsight, I wish I would have done co-op during my time at StFX. Co-op programs provide invaluable work experience and opportunity to apply knowledge acquired during your degree throughout the degree. As well, by the time you are ready to apply for positions after graduation you have will have a year’s worth of experience on your resume.