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Contact Info
Colin Graham, ’14
Management Consulting for Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Hometown: Halifax, NS

Year of StFX graduation and name of degree: 2014 - Business Administration - Leadership & Management

Could you describe in a line or two, the impact/influence StFX and the Gerald Schwartz School of Business have had on you?

The Schwartz School provided me with the means to develop a universally applicable understanding of the business. In a job where new things are being asked of me every day, this understanding made it easier both starting out and adapting to my work over time.

Why would you encourage other students to consider a Schwartz School education?

Your opportunities are limited only to what you decide to put into it. If you want to stand out, there are a ton of offerings outside of the regular curriculum to become involved in.

Any notable accomplishments?

Not necessarily something I can frame, but going from finishing middle of the pack in the business program in years one and two, to near the top of the class in years three and four. My GPA difference was night and day.

Favorite class or favorite academic experience?

Consumer Behaviour. My current job has very little to do with it, but I’ve never had a class with so many concepts applicable to scenarios we come across every day. I was surprised to catch myself thinking about it outside of the classroom.

Any advice you’d give current students?

I’d reiterate that you get what you give. It was harder for me to come off cruise control after my first two years because of the habits I had established. So try to hit the ground running so you don’t end up behind the eight ball early on.