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Management & Leadership

Management & Leadership

It is often stated that the four key functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling, and so the study of management focuses primarily on the strategic and human dimensions of business to prepare students to assume managerial roles in a variety of work organizations. The primary strands of scholarship within the field of management are below, and students in the Management & Leadership stream will take courses in each of these areas:

    • human resources management
    • strategic management
    • business ethics and corporate social responsibility
    • leadership
    • human behaviour in organizations
    • the theory of organizations

This stream contains core courses that are of sufficient breadth for students to subsequently pursue jobs in human resource management, industrial relations, project management, general management and beyond, and in organizational types ranging from private to public, profit to not-for-profit. Post-graduate educational pathways most common for students in this stream include the national CPHR designation (Chartered Professional in Human Resources), MBA or MPA, research-based Masters’ degrees and Law, plus the focus on management in specific industries, such as Sports Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Health Administration, etc.  

Amongst other management programs, our basis for differentiation resides in our emphasis on responsible management, combining ethics, social responsibility, sustainability and responsible leadership. Our graduates learn about the complexities of managing within an increasingly global and diverse social context, and the leadership challenges that come with heightened expectations for responsible decision making amongst the many stakeholders of a modern corporation. Course instruction draws from a wide range of engaging methods, including community based projects, film and case analysis, debates, simulations, guest lectures, virtual teams and field trips. Along the way, through critique and reflection, students will learn more about themselves and the kind of business leader they are and wish to become.

Numerous undergraduate-level research opportunities are available for students, whether they are completing the honours degree or are hired by a faculty member as a research assistant; it is common for M&L faculty to be in a supervisory role for student research.

Our program is nationally accredited by the Canadian Institute of Management, and students graduating from this program meet the academic requirements for the Certified in Management (C.I.M.) designation. 

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