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Diverse, international student body
Diverse, international student body
Students from across Canada—and abroad—choose the Gerald Schwartz School of Business.
A program with a diverse student body is a more valuable program, due to varying cultural viewpoints, exposure to broader perspectives on global issues, and a more dynamic campus environment. It’s exactly what the Schwartz School delivers.
Hall of clans
Something special

From across Canada

StFX attracts the largest percentage of students from outside of our home province of any university in Canada. And about 70% of Schwartz School of Business students come from outside of Nova Scotia. Students clearly believe there is something different about StFX and what we have to offer.

From around the world

About 7% of StFX’s undergraduate population is from outside of the country. For the Schwartz School of Business that’s closer to 11-12%. We’ve made strategic efforts to increase our international student population over the next few years with a goal of 12% university-wide, which means closer to 15-18% in the business school.

Something special here

Canadians have many options for quality postsecondary institutions. For students to leave Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and even Halifax, for Antigonish and the Gerald Schwartz School of Business when they have high quality options close to home says it all—the StFX experience is unique and valuable.