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Contact Info
Anne MacDonnell, PhD
Lab Instructor

PhD (Swansea University), MBA (The University of Wales), BCOMM (Dalhousie University)

Dr. MacDonnell’s research interests surround Real Options, Public-Private Partnerships, and investment decisions under conditions of uncertainty, all with a view of pursuing economic development, wealth creation, and enhancing the value proposition of the public sector. In this context, “wealth creation” relates to increased revenue, new revenue streams, and decreased or eliminated costs. Anne prefers to pursue research that is of foremost benefit to the public sector.
Anne’s research has identified opportunities to create new revenue streams and increase sustainability of municipal units and provincial governments via a more efficient allocation of resources and re-interpretation of the functionality of 3P projects.

Most recently, Anne has been intrigued by “hidden assets” and the by-product businesses they may prompt and further interested in investigating / developing a “right-size government” or “flexible government” model and its relationship with equity markets, particularly as a means for a provincial government to generate cash flow based upon user demand and the cyclical nature of utilities. 

Dr. MacDonnell is presently the Lab Instructor for the Schwartz School of Business.  Previous teaching positions were held at Swansea University and the University of New Brunswick.  Industry experience was gained in the private and public sectors in consulting, corporate finance, and municipal governance and administration roles.  This enabled the collection of problems to support her research program but also provided “real world” experience to enhance her teaching efforts. In Anne’s spare time, she volunteers regularly with the Multi-Cultural Association of Pictou County and the Pictou County Rainbow Community.