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Monica Lent,PhD

PhD (Durham, UK), MBA (Dalhousie University), BA Honours (St. Francis Xavier University)


Monica Lent is a Professor in the Department of Management. Primarily, she has taught courses in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour and consulting, with hands-on learning experiences being a core element of her classes.

Monica’s research focuses on understanding how entrepreneurship emerges among individuals, organizations and within rural communities. Most recently her research has focused on non-Western contexts including Kenya, Pakistan and Ghana. Over the past 12 years her involvement in research relating to the social enterprise (SE) sector has included work addressing the lack of conceptualization within the SE field, the link between governance, entrepreneurship and effectiveness of social purpose organizations; SE emergence as well as the meaning of ‘opportunity’ in a SE context.

Supported by grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada and the Atlantic Policy Congress of Chiefs, her research has been published in a variety of journals and has been presented at academic meetings in Canada US, Europe, Africa and Asia. She serves on the editorial board of the Social Enterprise Journal and the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and reviews for other journals and academic meetings.

Currently, she is a Volunteer Advisor with CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization), and has completed assignments in Africa as well as in Canada.

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