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The Accounting stream provides students with a dynamic and global perspective on the use and reporting of financial information by both external users (e.g., analysts) and internal users (e.g., managers). Accounting provides the foundation on which profitability, sustainability, strategic focus and implementation, wealth, and share prices are determined. The topic coverage within the stream is broad and includes:

  • reading and preparing statements of comprehensive income, financial position, cash flows, changes in equity, and the accompanying notes
  • focusing on budget preparation and use
  • performance measurement of organizations and individuals
  • assessing taxation obligations
  • compliance with corporate governance requirements
  • assessment of the impact of accounting information in capital markets
  • attestation of financial reporting

The pedagogy in the Accounting stream is diverse, requiring students to engage in different education strategies including case analysis, service learning, simulations, presentations, research papers, and other experiential learning opportunities.

The accounting program at the Gerald Schwartz School of Business will prepare students for future careers as public accountants, consultants, controllers, internal auditors, tax professionals, etc. The accounting program is focused on preparing students to earn their CPA designation.

Students will be able to complete all the prerequisites for direct entry into the CPA Professional Education Program; these prerequisite courses have been recognized by CPA Atlantic School of Business (and one of its predecessors, the Atlantic School of Chartered Accountancy) for over 25 years.

The accounting program also provides interested students with the opportunity to engage in research projects (under the supervision of faculty) in areas such as financial literacy, corporate governance, and value relevance of accounting information.

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