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A bright future
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International Business

International Business

The International Business (IB) program is an interdisciplinary business program to which almost all other streams in the Schwartz School of Business contribute, collectively preparing future graduates with knowledge and skills needed to succeed in an international business environment. International business activities are providing significant opportunities for businesses of any size and industry that may export, import or have international operations. Prospective employers seeking candidates with a global perspective and awareness of international business responsibilities, combined with critical thinking, language and communications skills, will be welcoming graduates with a specialization in this field.

Courses cover a variety of topics related to international business, including:

    • globalization
    • international trade theory
    • global monetary system and financing
    • global business strategies
    • managing a global workforce
    • marketing internationally
    • international business ethics

Students in the IB courses will be exposed to engaging methods of instruction that include case analyses, presentations and guest lectures, simulated cross-cultural business meetings, multi-country analysis from an international business and cross-cultural perspective and more.

The program offers cross-cultural immersion experiences provided by StFX and our exchange partners. Students pursuing the advanced major or honours degree path are required to spend at least one term as an exchange student with one of our partner universities offering business courses. A complete list of exchange opportunities is available through the International Exchange office at StFX, linked here. The minimum one term exchange may be substituted by a minimum 3 month work placement with a company outside of Canada through the Co-op Program offered at StFX. In addition, students completing an advanced major or honours degree are required either to demonstrate that they are fluent in a second language or to take a 12 credit language pair. Students completing a major in IB do not need to complete either the exchange or the language requirement, yet are encouraged to consider both options.

Students who want to pursue a career in international business may want to consider earning the industry-recognized Certified International Trade Professional designation offered by FITT, the Forum for International Trade Training.

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