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Marketers understand that customers do not buy products; they buy solutions and benefits. Marketers help their organizations understand customer perceptions of value and how to create, communicate and deliver that value better than the competition. Marketers do this in ways that contribute to society in general, not just to the bottom line.

Students choosing to study marketing at StFX have the opportunity to take foundational marketing courses including Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management, Professional Sales and Marketing Research. They can also explore specific areas of marketing such as digital marketing and customer relationship management.  Complete course requirements are found here. Our courses aim to develop students’ knowledge and skills so they are ready for an exciting but complex world. Courses within the marketing stream engage students using a variety of pedagogical approaches including case analysis, simulations, presentations, research papers, and client-centred projects.

The marketing program also provides students with opportunities to participate in consulting projects and original research. Students pursuing an Advanced Major in Marketing work with a client organization to develop solutions to client-identified challenges and gain valuable skills and experience in the process.  Students interested in research can choose to pursue an Honours degree to work closely with a faculty supervisor on an individual research project in the field of marketing.

Students who study marketing are well positioned for careers in:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Brand Management
    • Professional Sales
    • Market Research
    • Retail Management
    • Merchandising/Category Management
    • Advertising
    • Digital Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Not-for-Profit Marketing

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