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Katelynn Carter-Rogers, BA, MSC
Katelynn Carter-Rogers, BA, MSC
Assistant Professor

Katelynn Carter-Rogers is an Assistant Professor at St. Francis Xavier University in the Gerald Schwartz School of Business, in Indigenous Business. Katelynn is a highly skilled social science researcher and consultant with a decade of experience in advanced statistics, research design, student intervention and success, and attitudes measurement. For a decade, Katelynn has been involved in research focused on barriers to success, interventions leading to successful transitions, and creating and evaluating inclusive practices within organizations for individuals who are from marginalized populations. Katelynn is a descendant of a 60s scoop survivor who is Red River Métis and has spent the last several decades reconnecting and learning what it means for her and her family to be Indigenous. Katelynn has multiple publications on student success, with a particular focus on supporting at-risk populations.

Katelynn is actively working on several project topics including Merit in Higher Education, EDIA interventions within organizations, hiring and selection of minorities with criminal records, as well as reconnecting and learning Indigenous Methodologies applicable to social sciences and business education.

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