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Dr Abede J Mack, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr Abede J Mack is an assistant professor at St Francis Xavier University (StFX) at the Schwartz School of Business. After leaving high school without formal qualifications, Dr. Mack got involved in the skilled trades and migrated into business, earning a BA (Hons) in Business Management. He has an MBA and a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Commercial Studies. Despite his past of not striving academically, that currently serves as an impetus to inspire his students to excel and be the best. Dr Mack was a post-doctoral fellow at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, from December 2021 until August 2023, with the responsibility for research and teaching. Professor Mack had the opportunity to research the skill trades and entrepreneurship at McMaster. This research has helped unearth the diverse entrepreneurial influences among academic and skilled trades students. Dr. Mack's research interest focuses on the downtrodden skilled trades and entrepreneurship which help to provide policymakers and scholars with research that can help our society develop and advance economically and socially. Dr. Mack has been an educator for over 19 years and served as an instructor to assist marginalized young persons in learning a trade and developing themselves economically and socially. He also worked as a high school teacher for four years and was an adjunct professor for seven years before joining StFX.

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